Reactive monomer

Reactive monomer

Harcryl 1228 is a unique, functional, acrylic monomer consisting of mono and di-phosphate esters of 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate. The ratio of monoalkyl to di-alkyl phosphate allows it to be easily incorporated into a variety of polymer systems. The polarity of Harcryl 1228 provides for application in hydrophilic formulations as well.

Harcryl 1228 is inhibited with 400ppm of added hydroquinone.

The phosphate functional group promotes adhesion to a variety of surfaces, reducing the need for pretreatments. Improving adhesion saves time and reduces layers from the coating process. Increased corrosion resistance due to the phosphate functional group reduces the need for additional inhibitors. The acrylic backbone allows Harcryl 1228 to easily incorporate into many coating systems.

    Product Activity Flash Point oC Appearance @ 25°C
    Harcryl® 1228 99% Min. 93 Yellow Liquid
    Harcryl® 1228 M 99% Min. 93 Yellow Vicious Liquid
    Harcryl® 1228 UV 99% Min. 93 Yellow Liquid
    Harcryl® 1228 M UV 99% Min. 93 Yellow Liquid


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