Harcros manufactures a range of products under the Venadol™ trade name. These products are based on gemini surface-active agents which have a variety of multi-functional properties across a wide range of applications.

Venadol™ 104-Series

Venadol™ 104 is a 100% active gemini surfactant with a unique structure that allows many beneficial properties such as: foam control, reduction in surface tension, and viscosity stabilization. These various properties allow Venadol™ 104 series products to be utilized in various application such as, inks, paint, coatings, adhesives, pigment manufacturing, pigment dispersion, dye processing, agricultural, cement, and metalworking lubricants. Venadol™ 104 is also sold in solutions to improve handling and convenience for the end-user.

Venadol™ Surfactants

Venadol™ Surfactants: In addition to the Venadol™ 104 line, Harcros offers a range of products with various degrees of ethoxylation. Venadol™ Surfactants have superior wettability and gives improved coatability of water-borne coatings to base materials. It exhibits low dynamic surface tension, while retaining its unique lowfoaming characteristics. The low-foaming ability can instantaneously remove fine bubbles suspended in the system as well as pinholes caused by bubbles inside liquids such as spray-coats and roll coats. These products are less affected by repellence or low-adhesion phenomenon caused by silicon anti-foams, but makes the development of re-coatable materials possible. These products perform well in application such as, inks, paint, coatings, adhesives, pigment manufacturing, pigment dispersion, dye processing, agricultural, cement and metalworking lubricants where superior wetting and foam control are required. Ethoxylated Venadol™ Surfactants are APE free gemini Surfactants.

Venadol™ Defoamers

Venadol™ Defoamers are formulated nonionic, molecular defoamers based on Venadol™ 104. These formulated defoamers are designed to provide effective defoaming and de-airentraining in aqueous systems.One major benefit to Venadol™ defoamers is the ability to provide long-lasting foam control and micro-foam elimination without the typical side effects of traditional defoaming additives. In addition to this Venadol™ defoamers provide some level of substrate wetting and have a synergistic effect with other defoaming additives.

Usage Recommendations: Mix well before use. Venadol™ products must be added and mixed after all other surface-active additive are added into the system. Pigments, fillers and other solids should be added after addition of Venadol™ , as this ensures effective wetting and foam suppression. Dosage of 0.2 – 2% of total formulation should be effective for most applications. End-users should assess and confirm the dosage based on practical experiments.

Product Composition Properties
FoamControl Surface Tension Reduction Viscocity Stabilization Wetting Non-Foaming Wetting Defoaming Grinding Aid Emulsification APEO-Free
Venadol™ 104 100% Active * * * *
Venadol™ 104 A 50% Active in 2-Ethylhexanol * * * * *
Venadol™ 104 BC 50% Active in 2-Butoxyethanol * * * * *
Venadol™ 104 DPM 50% Active in Dipropylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether * * * * *
Venadol™ 104 E 50% Active in Ethylene Glycol * * * * *
Venadol™ 104 H 75% Active in Ethylene Glycol * * * * *
Venadol™ 104 PA 50% Active in 2-Propanol * * * * *
Venadol™ 104 PG50 50% Active in Propylene Glycol * * * * *
Venadol™ 20 100% Active Ethoxylate * * *
Venadol™ 40 100% Active Ethoxylate * *
Venadol™ 65 100% Active Ethoxylate * * *
Venadol™ 85 100% Active Ethoxylate * * *
Venadol™ 85W 75% Active Ethoxylate * * *
Venadol™ TG 50% Active Surfactant * * *
Venadol™ TGA 50% Active Surfactant * *
Venadol™ DF-110L 20% Active Defoamer * * *
Venadol™ DF-110D 32% Active Defoamer * * *


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